Safety measures Guiding Our Coming Tours

Good to see you here.
We know it has been a while and we are all very excited about traveling again, but we also need to remember in other to adapt to the situation of the world right now there are certain new measures that should be put in place to ensure your safety. Here are some of the measures we would be employing on our upcoming trips

For group trips we would only take a maximum of 10 to 15 persons (depending on the destination)

For private trips we would take a maximum of 5 persons at a time.

We would only plan trips to less saturated tourist attractions.

Reservations/ first deposits should be made at least a month before the trip and completed 2 weeks before the travel date (or else your reservation can be cancelled by us).

We would not be traveling with tourists showing signs of severe headache, high temperature or cough.

All clients would undergo a health check from us 5 days before the departure date till it’s time to travel.

If you fail the health check we hold all rights to cancel your reservation and no refunds would be made because cancellation less than a week before departure attracts no refund policies.

Sanitizers would be made available at all times during the tour.

It is important to keep yourself safe so we can travel together.

Who wouldn’t want a vacation after how many months of being confined in your own space and distancing yourself from making social interactions or simply taking an adventure?

Join us for safe and secured travels to Calabar, Enugu, Obudu mountain resort, yankari game reserve, idanre hills, Erin ijesha, ikogosi warm spring and lots more this year.

We deserve to not only exist but live…

We are traveling again!


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