Apply as a Travel Preneur or a Tour guide

Are you looking for an ideal space to grow in the travel community and earn a good commission  while doing it? Then you have come to the PERFECT place. Join our team today and become a Tour guide or a travel preneur

Benefits of a travel-preneur

  • Earn a WHOOPING commission for every client that books a tri through you.
  • Get a discount rates on vacation  travel packages
  • Get BONUSES for monthly or yearly targets or tasks.
  • All expense paid trips and much more.(Terms and conditions apply

Benefits of a Travel tour guide

  • Get paid for each completed trips taken
  • All expense paid trips courtesy of the agency
  • Represent the brand as a valid member of the team on every tour taken.

Requirements to apply to be a travel guide or travelpreneur

Please read carefully, All Applicant must:

  • Be Educated (at least an S.S.C.E Qualification)
  • Have Good Marketing skills and passion
  • Creative and smart
  • Be young (Preferably 20 – 40years of age).

Note: This role is open to applicants from all parts of Nigeria as long as all requirements are met.


Fill the form with all necesssary information and Attach a decent photograph to the form.

Please read carefully, All applicants must:

  • Be Educated (at least an higher level qualification)
  • Fluent in English language
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to connect with people
  • Must have a good sense of humour and style
  • Have knowledge of what it takes to be a tour guide
  • Problem solver, team player and smart
  • Be young (preferably 22 – 40 years of age)

Note: This role is only available to individuals from the following listed states Abuja, Lagos, Enugu, Calabar, Akwa ibom, Ekiti, Bauchi Ondo, Ibadan and Osun.


Fill the form with all necesssary informations and attach a decent photograph of yourself to the form.

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