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Xperience tour is an innovation that seeks to provide first class services to our clients, teaching individuals about the various benefit of traveling/ through experience rather than reading from a book. We encourage socialization, helping you experience the interconnection of humanity that create a meaningful relationship between different people. We are here to change your perspective about life providing an education that is absolutely impossible to get in school. X-tour would never back away until the world realizes that tourism is the key to a brighter future.


  • To promote travel, Photography and Lifestyle around the world.
  • We are here to help Nigerians understand the true benefits of traveling and to once again rekindle the spirit of exploration in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.
  • To help Nigerians understand and appreciate what this country has to offer by improving domestic tourism and Increasing the level of Cultural enlightenment.


  • To see that tourism is held high in Nigeria once again.
  • To put Nigeria back on the map as a tourist site worthy of exploration.
  • To create awareness to Nigerians and Foreigners alike, about the the beauty and richness of the Nigerian Culture and the need to develop and improve upon what we already have.

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Mr. Michael Ughimi

Co-Founder/Web Developer

Miss Ezera Okeke

Co-Founder/Publicity Strategist

Mr. Akpevwe Oghuvwu

Head of Media crew

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