2019 Travel Calendar

2O18 was quite an amazing year, we explored a lot of nice destinations including our trip to the great city of Calabar for the Carnival festival. This year is already off to a great start with a lot of massive and fantastic trips, with 2 international trips to Kenya and Dubai coupled with some spectacular local tours to Lagos, Kaduna etc

There is no doubt that 2019 is going to be an amazing year! Check out details of our travel destinations for this year and feel free to subscribe to anyone of your choice!

La Campagne tropicana (March)

La Campagne Tropicana is a beach resort in the Ibeju Lekki area of Lagos State. This resort offers a unique blend of natural environments which include a fresh water lake, the warm Atlantic sea and a wide range of games and beach activities such as hiking, hunting, horse riding, canoeing (kayaking), ocean water fishing, aqua aerobics, beach volleyball, soccer and lots more!

Kajuru Castle (June)

Kajuru castle is a luxury medieval German style villa, built over 3 decades ago located in Kaduna State, Nigeria. The villa is designed with bedrooms modelled after dungeons and several towers with crenellated walls. The medieval theme is seen throughout the castle, it even has a portcullis (the vertically closing gate) with a crocodile pit and also a nice outdoor swimming pool for cooling off on hot days and a barbeque spot right by the pool.

Erin Ijesha waterfalls (August)

Erin-Ijesha Waterfall, which is also known as Olumirin Waterfalls, is a tourist attraction located in Erin Ijesha, Osun State. With a delightful atmospheric temperature, coupled with the fact that the location is enclosed within the soothing hands of nature, the breeze at the site of the waterfall is cool and refreshing. The scenery is throughly fascinating.

Kenya (September)

Kenya is a country in Africa with its capital and largest city in Nairobi. It is one of Africa’s greatest tourist attractions well known for its remarkable wildlife reserves consisting of different types of animals such as the  lions, elephants, rhinoceros, leopards and buffalos also referred to as the big five in Africa. It also has a nice variety of beach resort great for singles, couples and families looking to unwind and have good time.
2019 Mega city tour (November)

For our very first edition our focus would be on Lagos state. Where we would be exploring different tourist attractions in Lagos consisting of the Nike art museum, Lekki conservation center, beach resorts and lots more given you an in depth Lagos city experience.

Calabar carnival vacation (December)

Calabar is located in cross river state also known as the tourism hub of Nigeria, where you would be given a grand tour of the city and also be taken to various tourist sites such as the Marina resort, Tinapa leisure resort and much more! With an opportunity to attend and participate in the biggest street party in Africa.

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Your year just got a lot more exciting!

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